Our Family

Our Family Passion

Our Family Passion

Drawing inspiration from the Nature, Earthly Elements, Indian Ayurveda, Santva was founded by mother-daughter duo, Jigna and Chinmayee Shah.

Jigna, a Beautician who understand Beauty, Skin care, Nature, Ayurveda and Chinmayee, a Scientist who understand ingredients, precise measurements, research, experimentations, perfection, both recognize the need of chemical free, natural skincare that swiftly became a pioneering approach.

More than few months same ethos prevails, accompanied by a range of skincare solutions that blend the latest technological advancements with successful launching of various product range.



Our family’s relationship with the Nature were since beginning and Mother Jigna Shah always loved to connect with it since her childhood and was enjoying its beauty. She is being professional beautician, a chef and an artist; always believes in the Nature and its effects on human’s mind, body and the consciousness.

Since her childhood she uses Indian home remedies for cure of few diseases, beauty care and personal care.

Elder Daughter Chinmayee studied Biotech, a gold medallist in India and got double masters in Boston, USA was very passionate about Biotech and currently working as Scientist into cancer research. She is the main instrumental of doing research of different variety of products using Indian Ayurveda’s.

Today, our family is involved in every aspect of the company. Whether searching for new natural derived ingredients, running our social media campaigns, or sourcing the most eco-responsible packaging - Santva truly is a family passion.

Jigna Shah
(Founder & Managing Director of Santva Products)

Jigna Shah

Jigna, a multi-talented entrepreneur; who performed successfully in her career with Beauty care, Arts & management skills; and scarified her career for her own family as an when required. Being a mom of two loving daughters; till now she has taken their full responsibilities by supporting & mentoring them in their emotional, mental, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth; which was her major goal.

Now she is ready to produce Handmade natural products which are chemical free and develop beauty & personal care products using nature ingredients inspired by Indian Ayurveda.

She is taking care of overall operations including Research, Innovations, Production, Sales, Designing.

Chinmayee Shah
(Founder, Innovation & Research advisor)

Chinmayee Shah

A Scientist and versatile passionate professional with a background in biotechnology, possessing strong research-based skills and leadership qualities.

She is the inspirational one who motivated her mom to develop homemade natural products and worked several months and developed various range of products. Her expertise in precision helped Jigna for not only developing effective products but help her for producing it. Due to her mom, she was always inclined towards Indian Ayurveda.

She keeps on introducing new products, preparing all the ingredients and maintain records. Yes, her science has helped Santva on scientific manner for natural propositions.


Kairavee Shah
(Founder, Chief Operating Officer)

Kairavee Shah

Undoubtedly her mother’s daughter, Kairavee acquired Jigna’s appetite for innovation at a young age. As a passionate young entrepreneur and marketer, she started her career by creating and helping e-commerce strategy for Santva products. Her initial studies of Information Technology are helping here.

While pursuing her Business Management studies, she learnt Branding and Marketing with her passion and now helping her mom to build the Brand on a national level.

She is taking care of Technology, Digital marketing and helping in Production, Procurements, Order processing, Logistics, Billing, and Inventories.